Dreams Come True

About Raja Housing


The Raja Group has relished a enriching and ascending era in Bangalore. Started in 1890, when Bangalore was at a nascent stage and being actively involved in the exponential boom and development, we can confidently state the journey has been fulfilling and a wondrous learning experience. Initially Raja Group started trading Grains from which entered into a wide spectrum of other businesses like Silk, Jewellery, Automobiles, Hospitality and Software. Presiding a phenomenal success in these ventures, we identified the potential in the Real Estate market and decided to capitalize it. This marked the beginning of Raja Housing ltd.

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Corporate Value

Raja Housing Limited came into being in 1992 with a vision of creating dream homes in reality, Raja Housing Limited is headed by 2 brothers, Mr. Raja Suchindra and Mr. Raja Datta who convoy combined experience, knowledge and zeal to shape the Raja Housing Limited in Bangalore. We were the first in the Housing industry to offer modern innovative interiors like Italian Modular kitchens, Vitrified Tiles and Italian Marbles as standard specifications for all their projects.

Our Mission

Our Vision is to Create a progressive organization matching International Standards maintaining Integrity, High Ethical Standards and Transparency. Provide an environment of professionalism, competence, teamwork, and service excellence.

Our Vision

To develop quality properties based on realistic values for its owners, investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners.

Corporate Presentation


The Company is focused to indulge in operations to uphold the economic development of our country and work to fashion India as a developed nation. We do not interest in any project or activity which is detriment on the social and cultural life.


We believe in HR Philosophy to uphold the values which are the core of our business like ethics, honesty, integrity, team work, objectivity, self respect and human dignity. We believe in building trustworthy & lasting relationships.


We do not tolerate child labour. The Company is aware of the social reality of child labour. The Company is committed to work in a pro-active manner to eradicate child labour by actively contributing to the improvement of children’s social situation.


The Company attaches great importance to a healthy environment and to the safety of its employees. The Company is committed to prevent the wasteful use of natural resources and minimize any hazardous impact on environment.


The Company competes only in an ethical and legitimate manner. It prohibits all actions that are anti-competitive or otherwise contrary to laws that govern competitive practices in the market place.